how to style a farmhouse bedroom

How to Create a Farmhouse Bedroom

The farmhouse style remains popular among interior designers and homeowners as it offers a comfortable and welcoming living space with a modern touch. This style combines rustic furniture, traditional fabrics, soft industrial pieces, and a neutral color palette creating the perfect relaxed atmosphere for a bedroom

If you’d like to achieve the farmhouse look in your bedroom, follow these tips:

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Flower Power That Refreshes with a Burst of Spring

March 5th, 2023 Uncategorized

We are thrilled to present you with the gorgeous collection of faux flowers that are available this season at Piper Classics. These forever blooms feature unmatched realism and elegance, guaranteed to upgrade and beautify your home with the soft charm and lushness that the natural world brings. These fresh-faced flowers are finely crafted, with botanically-accurate petals and leaves, lifelike details, tones, and buds and blossoms in various stages of unfurling.

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photo of white bedding from piper classics

Tips on Choosing the Right Bedding

January 11th, 2023 Uncategorized

Creating a comfortable sleeping situation is essential to getting a good night’s rest. Aside from setting the right environment — cool temperature, blackout curtains — you’ll also want to ensure your bedding is up to par. But how do you choose the right bedding? You need to figure out what color schemes, textures, and accessories work best for you.

Here are some tips on how to select bedding:

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Create Winter Magic in 4 Simple Steps

Christmas is a few short weeks away, and we love the high energy and excitement, as well as the warm, cozy feelings we get in the magical time before the miraculous day. We are really enjoying the trend in recent years of using lots of winter accents and greens, ensuring an easy and seamless transition when it’s time to take the tree down and pack up the holiday trimmings. Continue Reading

should i update with balsam berry Farmhouse Holiday Table Settings 2022

At holidays, special events and formal gatherings, no table is complete without a festive centerpiece. These arrangements are focal points placed in the middle of guest tables at social gatherings. Although they traditionally consist of flowers, greenery and/or candles, many people prefer using something more representative of the color, fabric, of other aspects of the overall theme.

Regardless of what they’re made of, centerpieces add a great deal to the overall look and feel of an event. And, During the holidays, they instantly bring eye-catching, dramatic appeal to your tabletops. Short on time? It’s still possible to pull together a WOW-worthy table arrangement that suits your holiday decor style. Continue Reading

photo of decorated farmhouse

10 Gift Ideas for the Person Who Loves Farmhouse Decor

Is there someone in your life who can’t resist farmhouse decor? You know who we’re talking about. They love old signage, reclaimed wood, and cozy plaid prints. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by what gifts to give them during the holiday season, shop for something you know they’ll love.

Piper Classics offers unique products from kitchen utilities to farmhouse-style bedroom decor that are sure to be a hit with your friends and family. Unsure where to start?

Here are some gift ideas for the person who loves farmhouse decor:

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Rustic Luxury Farmhouse in 5 Steps

We wanted to take a moment to showcase an interesting decor trend… One that’s bigger than seasonal decorating. We’ve been noticing lately that there’s a shift in home design that’s beginning to pull away from the strictly downhome, laidback “farmhouse” style. Don’t get nervous… Farmhouse style is not going away. We’re not ready to give up the easy-going, comfortable style, and we don’t think you are, either. But after 7 years of exclusive farmhouse design in home products, architecture, furniture, and fabrics, it was inevitable that a shift would occur. The shift we’re seeing is heading toward more sophisticated, elegant materials with a carefully-curated design. Continue Reading

photo of holiday themed tea towel

How to Prepare and Decorate Your Farmhouse for the Holidays

September 28th, 2022 Uncategorized

It may still feel like summer, but the air is turning crisp, and the days are growing shorter. If you’re not yet ready to think about the holidays and all the hosting that comes with them, you’re not alone. But it’s better to get a head start!

Rather than scrambling to organize and decorate the day before your guests arrive, prepare your home and plan out your decorations now to make this holiday season a breeze. When you’re proactive about your holiday prep, you can focus on creating memories with your family. Over the last few years, I have made it a goal to get my Christmas decorating started by mid-November! Radical, I know, but I’ve found that I am truly able to enjoy the holiday season so much more when I’m not trying to squeeze everything in during the few short weeks following Thanksgiving!

Read on for tips on how to prepare and decorate your house for the holidays.

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4 Easy steps to Create Your Spookiest Home Ever

Is it really here? Is it truly time? The time of crisp, chilly mornings, frosty nights, brilliant autumn leaves, hayrides, bonfires, apple picking, and fields full of pumpkins?? Is there anything not to like about this season that is Still Summer but has all the elements of Fall?

And , best of all in a few short weeks, there’ll be haunted houses, little miniature people running around in wild costumes, lots of candy, spidery-cobweb decorations, and frightening jack-o’-lanterns glowing on porch steps… Continue Reading

4 Fall Farmhouse Decorating Tips for 2022

There is something nostalgic and heartwarming about this time of year!! For many of us, it calls to mind the “good ol’ days” when we’d be returning to high school or our college campus… Summer is having its last hurrah, with yards brown and crispy and potted plants and flowers absorbing every drop of water, instantly. We know that nature is just about to put on its most spectacular display of the year, and we can’t wait!

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5 Brilliant Steps for Fall 2022

As the temperatures descend (I hope that this happens soon!!) and days become shorter, we are ready to welcome fall into our homes with its wonderful colors and cozy charm. By infusing our surroundings with the tones, textures and natural beauty of this glorious season, we can bring the look and feel we want into our living spaces right now.

Choose from our large collection of Harvest Decor to complete your displays for Fall 2022!!

Whether you’re looking for floral accents, baskets, or wall signs, table linens, shower curtains or bedding, pumpkins, buckets, or planters, it’s all right here in our Fall Botanicals and Fall & Harvest Sections.

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Mason Jars – Forever Farmhouse Style

Both a timeless accessory and a Piper Classics favorite, the traditional glass Mason Jar is not only affordable and functional — it just so happens to also be the perfect accent to tie together almost any style of rustic vintage farmhouse decor.

The race to create this new method of food storage actually began in 1795, with a request by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. But it wasn’t until 1858, when the Philadelphia tinsmith John Landis Mason invented and patented his namesake glass jar, that canning jars as we know and recognize them today entered the commercial landscape. Continue Reading

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